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American Songwriter: LA Singer-Songwriter Emma Taylor Puts a Spin on Sad Girl Music With New Single “Makeup”

Her newest single “Makeup” is, quite bluntly, a self sabotaging break-up song. It’s a response to that nagging feeling you get when things are too good to be true..

Front Row Live Entertainment: Emma Taylor Premieres 'Makeup'

Emma Taylor premiered the official music video for new single “Makeup,” another glimpse at Emma’s upcoming EP out later this year.

American Songwriter & Bringin' Back Podcast Interview Emma Taylor

We had the pleasure of interviewing Emma Taylor over Zoom video!​​

Emma Taylor featured as one of EartotheGround Music's "Exquisite, Emerging Modern Singer Songwriters"

This track is the epitome of intimacy in music; the lyrics are reflective of an important, confessional moment. But the message is punctuated by both a beautiful piano part and some amazing strings later in the piece.

Medium Magazine Interview: Emma Taylor Defines Herself With Evocative New Single, ‘Made Your Bed’

Emma Taylor has never been one to follow formulaic trends when it comes to her craft. Although the L.A.-based songwriter’s haunting and ethereal music is drawn from personal inpsiration, it’s the conversational passion in her lyrics that truly defines her as an artist...

Respect My Region: Bubbling LA Singer & Songwriter Emma Taylor Delivers Honest New Song "Made Your Bed"

23-year-old rising singer and songwriter, Emma Taylor just dropped an incredibly honest new song, “Made Your Bed.” The self-proclaimed “sad girl” applies her 70’s musical influences to the new track and knocks it out of the park. By applying her melodies and personal touch, Emma looks to captivate and connect with fans all around the world by creating a space of emotional vulnerability within her music...

Emma Taylor Featured on The Honey Pop

Emma Taylor's new single "Made Your Bed" featured on The Honey Pop's Sweet Releases...

Front Row Live Entertainment: Emma Taylor Interview On New Single 'Made Your Bed' and Creative Process

Emma Taylor Interview with Rob Herrera talking about her new single “Made Your Bed” and her creative process

Pass the Crown Interviews Emma Taylor

Emma Taylor is bringing back the emotive and vulnerable lyricism of the 70’s and 80’s with her own modern twist..

Play Into It: New Music - Listen To Emma Taylor “Made You Bed”

Emma Taylor is a self-proclaimed “sad girl” and owns it. The up and coming artist may be on to something, she’s surpassed more than one million cumulative streams while captivating audiences by creating a space for emotional vulnerability..

Audiofemme: Emma Taylor Explores Feelings and Fears with “Made Your Bed”

“I’m terrified,” whispers Emma Taylor. Her muted, somber admission opens her brand new song, “Made Your Bed,” a piano-based track, premiering today on Audiofemme. Its softness is deceiving, as the Los Angeles singer-songwriter wrestles with her demons and a past that just won’t let her go..

DropSpot News: Meet Emma Taylor

Layers of piano, guitar, organ, and banjo create the organic and lush atmosphere of the self-proclaimed “sad girl”, Emma Taylor...


Emma Taylor’s new single “For Forever” is a perfect blend of strong vocals and delicate guitars, and a smooth transition from the summer’s beach hits to fall’s romantic acoustics..

Medium Interview: Emma Taylor Discusses Her Ethereal New Single, ‘For Forever’

Following the release of her infectious single, “My Dear,” and having taking some time off to finish her education, singer-songwriter Emma Taylor is back with a powerful new track. The ubiquitously-charged, “For Forever.”

Sweety High: Get to Know Singer-Songwriter Emma Taylor on a Personal Level

"Emma Taylor's latest single "My Dear" sounds like the lullaby we didn't know we needed until now.

Get to know the singer-songwriter on a personal level..."

HerCampus Interviews Emma Taylor

"If you're a fan of beautiful and authentic music, Emma Taylor is definitely someone you should consider following on Spotify. She released her debut EP, Hazy, in 2017 and hasn't looked back since. As a student at New York University, she manages to balance her studies and passion for creating music like a seasoned professional. Earlier this year, she also released a new single, "My Dear," which you'll be guaranteed to play on repeat for the next several weeks..."

Grrlpunch Interviews Emma Taylor

"At just 21, Emma Taylor is already kicking ass and taking names from LA to NYC.

I was connected to Emma via phone call by her lovely manager Jessica Shein on a rainy evening with only 16 hours of distance between us by car ride. Taylor will be graduating early from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts this winter to pursue music full time in LA. However, the undergraduate doesn’t like to be thought of as a “student. Instead, she wants to be taken more seriously. After speaking to her for just a few minutes, it is apparent that Taylor has known herself for quite some time....."

Seat42F: EXCLUSIVE - “My Dear” New Music Single: Shining The Spotlight On Emma Taylor

"A singer who has captured attention and blown fans away with her musical talents and gorgeous vocals is performer on the rise: Emma Taylor. With a sound that reaches right into your soul, Emma’s vocals are truly moving. Following the success of her debut album “Hazy” released last year, Emma has come back strong with her latest release “My Dear.” In an exclusive interview, Emma talks about the calling in her life to become a songstress and vocal performer"....

Young Blvd: On The Rise Singer-Songwriter Shares New Music W/ Vintage Sound 'My Dear'

"The instantly vintage singer-songwriter Emma Taylor took time out to share her new single ‘My Dear’. Coming off a rousing debut on her EP album ‘Hazy’ (now at over half-a-million streams) “The Sad Girl” Emma Taylor is ready to share her talents with the world"....

Emma Taylor Featured in Cliche Magazine

"A songwriter's dream is to see their lyrics come to life.." 

Soundigest: Emma Taylor Talks New Single “My Dear,” and Her Growth as an Artist

"Singer songwriter, Emma Taylor, talked to us about maturing as an artist and how she has evolved from her debut EP, “Hazy,” to her new single “My Dear.” Born in Los Angeles, Taylor moved to New York for college which prompted the writing for her debut EP. This time around, she’s expressing different changes, like evolving as an artist and experiencing challenges in her love life. Making a dent in streams last year, going from 8,000 to 55,000 overnight with her song “New Found Sound,” Taylor is back for a new chapter in life, and, of course, new music....."

Emma Taylor Featured in Unclear Magazine

"Up and coming, acoustic-indie artist, Emma Taylor, took some time to talk with us about her upcoming single "My Dear", how she got her start in music, and what is to come from her next..." (pg. 22)

Music Musings & Such Interviews Emma Taylor

'I had a chance to get to know Emma Taylor and what influenced her current track, My Dear. The New York-based songwriter discusses her plans for new music and why she labels her sounds as ‘sad girl music’...

Sounds Good Interviews Emma Taylor

Emma Taylor is a singer-songwriter who’s relatively new to the music scene. Having released her debut EP Hazy last year, and her track ‘New Found Sound’ taking off on Spotify, it seems she might be worth keeping an ear or two. I’m so stoked to have had an interview with her, so thank you to Emma for providing some As to our Qs...

AXS: Singer/Songwriter Emma Taylor discusses her new single, ‘My Dear’

Taylor’s new single, the haunting and ethereal “My Dear” marks another new chapter in the singer’s career while continuing her evolution as the consummate artist. Dealing with vulnerability amid torn relationships, Taylor’s message in “My Dear” offers us hope to push past the bad times in order to get to the good....

All Access Music: An Interview with the “My Dear” Singer-Songwriter, EMMA TAYLOR!

“My Dear” is singer-songwriter Emma Taylor’s latest single. Already surpassing nearly half a million streams on her debut EP “Hazy,” 20-year-old Taylor has begun to captivate audiences everywhere with her endearing voice and melodies....

Celebmix Interviews Emma Taylor

In such a short period of time, Emma Taylor’s voice has been streamed countless times with the release of her EP, Hazy. With a soothing, yet powerful voice, her voice fills a void listeners may have never known existed. Her songs are heartfelt, and straight from the soul. Most recently, she’s released a new single, “My Dear”!

Emma Taylor chatted with CelebMix about inspirations, her songwriting process, “My Dear”. Read on to learn more!

The Young Folks Interviews Emma Taylor

Music Interview: If you guys have read some of my past music interviews, you can quickly tell that my taste in music is pretty far and wide. But nothing beats light indie music that soothes the soul and pulls at the heartstrings. Luckily, I stumbled upon Emma Taylor who is an up-and-coming artist who describes her song as “sad girl music.” With her light acoustic feel and melodic vocals, she’s an artist you’d want to listen to immediately. I got a chance to chat with her about her new music, how her travels inspired her songs, and what she has planned for 2018

The New Nine: Emma Taylor Makes A Case For Sad Girl Music

Emma Taylor’s voice is haunting, and she makes the kind of music that she describes as “sad girl music” which to me, is absolutely perfect. It’s poetic and romantic but with a darker undertone.

Just Jared Jr: Singer Emma Taylor Opens Up About Upcoming Single 'My Dear'

Emma Taylor is a musician you need to have on your radar.

The 20-year-old singer’s recent EP, Hazy, is something we can’t stop playing and even better, she’s got a brand new single called “My Dear” dropping really soon.

UpfrontNY Interviews Emma Taylor

Emma Taylor’s unique indie sound and self-proclaimed “sad girl music” is quickly gaining a lot of attention on the music scene.  With her debut EP “Hazy” nearly surpassing 1/2 a million streams, Emma is now getting ready to release her new single “My Dear” as well as more new music this year.​

Emma Taylor Featured In Vents Magazine

Emma Taylor gives an interview with her feature in online music magazine "Vents Magazine"

New Found Sound Featured as One of 'Six Satisfying Singer-Songwriter Tracks' on Ear To The Ground Music Blog

Taylor’s songwriting might make you think of two other Taylors… James Taylor and Taylor Swift. Yeah, I went there. But it’s a kind of pop acoustic songwriting that really works. It feels really rooted and strong. I can picture this song working well for a soundtrack; it really tells the story of a confident woman. It’s not an anthem in a musical sense, but it has that same kind of motivational feel to it. Interesting stuff.

Getty Images: Emma Taylor Performs at Fairbanks LA

On the night of her release of debut EP 'Hazy', Emma Taylor packed the music venue Fairbanks on Fairfax in Los Angeles. The event was covered by Getty Images. 

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